Examination system

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Board Examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester for all the subjects under the scheme of examination.

The sessional marks in all the subjects will be awarded on the basis of continuous internal assessment made during the semester concerned. For each subject 25 marks are allotted for internal assessment and 75 marks are allotted for Board Examination.

Continuous Internal Evaluation


It has been decided to introduce Continuous Internal assessment marks for a total of 25 marks, which are to be distributed as follows:

5 Marks10 Marks10 Marks

( Award of marks for attendance will be as per the range given below)

Attendance in %
80% - 83%
1 Mark
84% - 87%
2 Marks
88% - 91%
3 Marks
92% - 95%
4 Marks
96% - 100%
5 Marks
  • For each subject three Assignments are to be given and the average marks scored should be reduced for 10 marks
  • All Test Papers after getting the signature from the students, must be kept in the safe custody in the Department for verification and audit. It should be preserved for a Semester for Academic Audit.


The internal assessment marks calculation is given as follows:-

(Pattern same as Theory)
5 Marks
Procedure / Observation and tabulation/ Other related Practical Work10 Marks
Result5 Marks
Record writing5 Marks
Total25 Marks
  • The Record for every completed exercise should be submitted in the subsequent Practical classes and marks should be awarded for 20 for each exercise as per the above allocation.
  • At the end of the Semester, the average marks of all the exercises should be calculated for 20 marks and the marks awarded for attendance is added to arrive at the internal mark for Practical.
  • All the mark entries for assignment, Test and attendance should be entered in the Personal Book by the handling person of the subject. This is applicable to both Theory and Practical subjects.