Examinations Rules & Regulations

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  • The following is the maximum time limit permitted for the completion of the diploma course.
    • Regular students admitted in the First Year – 6 years.
    • HSc students admitted in the Third semester – 5 years.
  • Sessional marks for the theory and practical subjects are dispensed with. Both Theory and practical subjects, 25% is allotted for internal assessment .
  • For getting pass marks in the Board Examination, a candidate has to secure a minimum of 40% in theory subjects and 50% in practical subjects.
  • The candidates on completion of studies in each semester should necessarily register themselves for all the subjects for the current examination as well as for all the arrear subjects of all the previous semester examinations and appear for the Board Examinations in that semester.
  • If a candidate is found copying in the exam hall or found to be in possession of any sheet of paper or indulging in any other types of malpractice, he or she will be debarred from writing examinations further.
  • A candidate will be permitted to appear for Board Examinations, only if he/she secures 80% attendance in the semester concerned