Uniform & Dress Code

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  • Students should wear as per the Uniform Colour Code displayed in the Notice Board.
  • Boys should tucked their shirt inside their pant. Wearing Jeans Pants, T-Shirts, Bermodas or half-pants are not permitted inside the campus.
  • Only Black leather shoes with socks are allowed. Sports / Canvas shoes are not allowed.
  • Students can wear ties on special occasions.
  • Girls must wear only pyjama, kurta and duppata. Hair must groomed neatly.
  • Slip-on or sandals shoes can be worn by the girls. Slippers (Hawai) should not be worn inside the campus.
  • Girls should wear the over-coat provided by the Institute, whenever they attend the labs / workshops. Boys are given separate uniform for the labs and workshops.
  • Students must always wear the Identity Card inside the campus.